2 thoughts on “Juz 1 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan Khan

    may Allah accept our efforts and guide us to the straight path

    Recall what we hv read. speak to people good words. believe completely. don’t pick and choose.

    Allah is aware. don’t barter good for trivial things. don’t be like bani Israel. protect ourselves from the curse of Allah. believe what Allah says. curse of take what Allah

    Don’t forget Allah , remember him 24/7. be hopeful of Allah s mercy. be fearful of Allah. don’t be greedy of things. whatever befalls is by the will of Allah.

    Quran is above all other books. Recite , memorize, , understand and apply Quran in out lived.

    A momin is not jealous. magic has effect but with the will of Allah.

    Read the duas of protection morning and evening.


  2. Sadikha

    Instead of thanking we complain.

    I have realized we have to rely on Allah for every single and simple need.

    Allah takes the service from his servants to serve the other servants.


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