Juz 3 Student Reflections & Duas

Alhamdulillah we started Juz 3 today, so many lessons to learn and share…..

Response to the question asked in the class

“ what is lslam?”  (Azra Kouser)

  • Islam is peace   (Roshan khan)
  • submission to the will of Allah is Islam (Thaliya Badar)
  • Islam is submission to Allah (Rehana Sherif)
  • Surrendering to the commands of Allah by following the ways of Prophet (saw) (Roshan khan)

8 thoughts on “Juz 3 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Don’t give reminders after giving sadaqah (2:262)
    • Spending in the cause of Allah is perpetual benefit (2:265)
    • Forgive more to people who hurt you in order to please Allah : (2:263)
    • Spend with sincerity and enjoy the sweetness of Imaan
    • Give zakaat happily
    • Sadaqah benefits the giver more than the beneficiary
    • When you don’t want your charity to go off in dust don’t boast about it
    • Spend that in the way of Allah which you would like to be given
    • Ask Allah to fill our hearts with light
    • Allah is severe in penalty
    • Spend in the nights to apply Ayah no. 274 in our lives
    • Surrendering to the commands of Allah by following the ways of Prophet (saw)
    • We actually under estimate ourselves. Allah swt says He doesn’t burden us beyond our means.


  2. Amina Shah
    • knowledge helps us increase our Imaan
    • After doing good deeds we have to preserve them by not doing deeds displeasing to Allah.


  3. Aasiya Fathima
    • Subhanallah so many lessons. How easy Allah (swt) has made the deen upon us. Alhamdulillah to be guided.
    • Allah knows how weak we are so He has told us when you have wronged do charity.


  4. Azra Kouser
    Masha Allah very interesting . Alhamdulliah I am learning more during our Mubarak month of Ramadhan Jazakallahu khair for forwarding the information regarding this precious classes…May Allah swt answers all our offerings…Ameen


  5. Mehrine
    • Talk to Allah. Befriend Allah. Pour your heart to Allah
    • Give your children in Allah’s care and protection


  6. Sadikha
    • Being kind to our neighbors
    • Memorizing Ayah no. 64 to recite in Sunnah prayers
    • To review Sunnah


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