12 thoughts on “Juz 5 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Shireen Almas
    • Allahumma inni asalukal min fadhliqal adheem
    • Men are more intelligent than women by 5 IQ points and are suited for tasks of high complexity…… greater privilege greater responsibility greater the accountability.
    • Rumors destroy societies, demoralize people , damages actual situations , creates an atmosphere of panic and terror.


  2. Aasiya Fathima
    • Every situation is a blessing for a believer. We just have to try to recognize what is that blessing Alhamdulillah!
    • Going through the meaning of Qur’an is helping in recitation. When we read we can understand and reflect. My son says he can understand the meaning while reading now because of this session
    • Keeping ourselves away from minor sins we are bound to be away from major sins.


  3. Roshan khan
    • Restrictions do make us uncomfortable but they are necessary to keep us from deviating and to keep us on the right track.
    • Allah has compassion so we need to be compassionate to our fellow beings
    • Comparing with others leads to inferiority complex
    • Do good in as and where you are. Don’t wait for better opportunity to come.
    • Ask only ALLAH for all your needs.
    • As women don’t be just takers all the time. Give as much as we can
    • A righteous women guard herself and her husband’s property in his presence and in his absence
    • Don’t hurt your spouse for no reasons. Allah is AL-WAKEEL
    • Don’t become abusive
    • Times of tribulations are not times of entertainment. This lockdown is time of bringing oneself closer to Allah
    • Using knowledge bestowed by Allah is a blessing but if not put to use it can be detrimental
    • Believing in Allah does not mean to be careless. tie your camel then put your trust in Allah


  4. Azra Shaikh
    • Rely only on Allah.Relying on ourselves and our resources will only exhaust us……SubhanAllah!


  5. Sajida
    • When salaah has been ordained upon the believers during times of battle, what about those various petty issues for which we miss or postpone salaah!!


  6. Nuzhat
    • (4:32) when we constantly compare ourselves we fail to see the blessings of Allah
    • Our success lies in accepting the decree of Allah
    • (4:45) Allah is sufficient for us as an ally and as a helper
    • (4:62) Many times a person is struck with disaster because of disobeying Allah swt and messenger saw
    • (4:76) A believer does not follow “mind your own business” policy rather he is concerned about the oppressed in the society and become their voice
    • (4:76) Discipline our nafs by establishing salaah
    • (4:82) Reflect on the Quran and act upon it seeking guidance from it in order to develop Yaqeen
    • (4:86) Saying salaam brings forgiveness
    • A truly stingy person is the one who does not respond to salaam
    • (4:94) Keeping in mind our past and our mistakes we should be careful in judging others,
    • (4:100) do Hijrah (of the heart) towards Allah by leaving that which makes us negligent towards Him (sometimes it is deleting certain apps, leaving certain social media pages)
    • Beware of shaitaan and his tricks for he is always after us, attacking our weakness and coming from the doors of desires


  7. Ramlath Beary
    • Stinginess is a worst trait that a person can have
    • Using what Allah has given you of knowledge is Gratitude


  8. Askhia Yunus
    • Stand up for justice even if it is against your own self
    • Speaking up for ones who cannot speak for themselves, we can help release prisoners


  9. Sabeha
    • Allah taa’la has provided us with guidance only to make our lives easy and has paved our way and shown us the way to Jannah and His pleasure….
    • May we all be among those who take heed and become of those who are grateful and Muhsineen. Aameem


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