12 thoughts on “Juz 6 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • SubhaanAllah what a beautiful and a just religion. Alhamdulillah Allah allows the oppressed to speak out so that he is not be oppressed and the oppressor does not go Scot free. Also the oppressor’s anger subsides and he doesn’t reset to backlash.
    • We need not to mention our shortcomings, our inabilities to others.
    • Don’t dwell in the Mesta of people. bad’us salaam. Spread Salaam. Wa husnul kalaam good speech to be given even if one doesn’t deserve goodness is prophetic behavior
    • Islam is not to be interpreted as one wants to. We cannot pick and choose from it.
    • Those who transgress and disbelieve, Allah takes away the ability to do good.
    • Don’t commit ghuluvv (Excess in religion)
    • Don’t say Thalasa. (Trinity).
    • Qalalah is the one who has no ascendants or descendants.
    • Hunting is not permitted while in the state of Ihraam.
    • Religion is not just on prayer mats.
    • Pay regards to promise, don’t violate the laws of Allah.
    • Birr is doing righteous deeds. Taqwa is to refrain from what Allah has forbidden. Udwaan is to transgress the boundaries of Allah.
    • Every Muslim should give charity. To smile is a charity. An encouraging word , lending an ear are charities
    • Support one another. Allah’s hand is upon jamaa’h
    • Whoever leads to good also gets rewarded. SubhaanAllah so easy is our Deen.
    • Don’t co-operate in wronging people
    • Support your brother , if he is oppressed or even if he is an oppressor (by stopping him)
    • Islam is complete and perfect. There is no need to add or minus anything in it.
    • Only those food on which Allah‘s name is pronounced is permitted.
    • Mahr is the right of every woman. It is her legal right.
    • Your in laws are not your enemies. They are to be respected. They are your spouse parents. They deserve good treatment from you.
    • Wudu is a blessing it is not a chore. Wudu is shatrul eemaan (part of eemaan )
    • One who does 100% correct Wudu is like a new born. On the Day of Judgment Prophet (saw) will recognize us by the bright faces because of making wudu.
    • Establish prayer and pay zakaat if you want Allah’s help
    • Don’t break covenants. breaking covenants made to Allah has consequences
    • Hard heart does not feel Allah. He is ok with committing sins. Allah distances such a person from beneficial knowledge
    • Subulas salaam. The way of Allah. Allah is salaam. By following the Qur’an, reflecting upon it and acting upon Qur’an is Subulus salaam.
    • Ask Allah for His love, seek his forgiveness
    • You take the first step toward Allah , Allah will come 10 steps towards you
    • Don’t grieve over past sins. Turn to Istighfaar. Be more concerned about your future deeds
    • Do things that bring you closer to Allah. A person is closest to Allah when he is in his sujood so make your choicest duas in sujood.
    • Before making a dua seek a wasila.
    • Eemaan leaves a person when he is stealing
    • Do Tawbah – reform – return the stolen thing – promise himself that he will not do that act again
    • Disgrace is for one whom Allah does not intend to purify. Don’t feed your body with Haraam foods. Don’t feed your ears with falsehood. Take care of what you feed your hearts ♥. Scan what we fill our wallets with. Suhut is unlawful wealth.
    • Allah loves those who are just so judge justly.
    • Qisaas – if one breaks the tooth of the other, the other can break the tooth of him.
    • To pardon is better than qisaas.
    • Do not follow our desires and the desires of others.
    • Jahilliyah is darkness, ignorance.
    • We cannot harm Allah, we cause harm to our own self.
    • Life is beautiful when reciprocated
    • Siddiqui’s is one who is habitually truthful.
    • Arrogance is the root cause of evil. It prevents one from doing good.


  2. Askhia Yunus
    • Treat people the way you want to be treated
    • Violation of Allah’s commands can lead to deprivation of halaal things.
    • Best ones are those who act upon knowledge of Quran after acquiring it.
    • Not forbidding evil eventually makes us among them, nauzbillah!


  3. User’s iPad
    • Those who have TAQWA towards Allah are [1] HUMBLE among people [2] DISINTERESTED with the world [3] STRIVES against the nafs
    • We look for solutions to matters in our lives- All of them are is so simply and clearly mentioned in the Quran, yet we complicate matters for ourselves and worse still deprive ourselves from guidance by not striving to recite the Quran with meaning
    • One sin leads to another- we need to be vigilant at all times and keep check of each action we do and follow it with seeking forgives for the wrong done knowingly and unknowingly. …. on a constant basis


  4. Ramlath Beary
    • Treat people the way you want to be treated
    • Being a slave to Allah is not an insult, it is an honor


  5. Azra Shaikh
    • Alhamdulillah our religion is so beautiful… yes there are restrictions, boundaries and limits but only for our benefit…. benefit that lead us to become better… earn extra good…. reach Jannah.


  6. Shireen Almas
    • To fulfill pacts is emaan and to break them is a sign of hypocrisy (5:1)
    • The person who leads to good will be rewarded equally to the one doing good (5: 2)


  7. Nuzhat
    • (5:!6) Allah is As salaam. no matter how much books we read or therapies we take in order to hae peace, the fact is true peace is only from Allah so exert effort for ‘subulas salaam’
    • (5:23) Allah is so merciful. He is waiting for us to take that first step to help us. The question is am I ready to take that first step?
    • (5:39) Genuine tawbah is the one followed by reforming oneself
    • (4:149) Treat people the way we want to be treated
    • (4:158) Seek honor from Allah n not from people as Allah is AL AZEEZ, the source of honor
    • (5:2) Stopping oppressor from injustice is one of the ways of helping them
    • (5:13) Sins could leads one to forget the knowledge he possess


  8. Thaliya Badar
    • Do justice, it is nearer to piety
    • Punishment is necessary to maintain law (e.g. cutting off hands for theft)


  9. Sajida
    • If Allah azza wa jall can forgive people who have wronged in the past but have reformed now, why not us??Why should we not forgive??


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