8 thoughts on “Juz 7 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • A soft heart cries in remembrance of Allah
    • Even a single statement can be a source of salvation
    • Good things are lawful and should be enjoyed in balance
    • In game of chance, you either lose money very easily or earn money very easily. Even inviting others for a game of chance is a sin
    • (5:93) what you did in the past out of ignorance, Allah forgives. Alhamdulillah! so gracious
    • (5:98) Penalty is also a mercy. It’s better we expiate in this world than paying with our valuable good deeds in Aakhirah
    • (5:100) Majority may not always be right
    • (5:101) Allah is pure and He accepts only what is pure
    • (5:105) We are not responsible for the sins of others. We are responsible for our own deeds. We need to fix our Aakhirah first
    • (5:106) Death is a disaster but greater loss is that we don’t prepare for it
    • (5:107) If prophets will be terrified on the day of Judgment then imagine what will be our state
    • (5:115) Speak to Allah with respect
    • (5:118) Our beloved Prophet (saw) cried for us, shouldn’t we be more aware of what are we doing?
    • (5:119) Truthfulness benefits in Dunya and Aakhirah
    • (5:117) Allah is Ar Raqeeb, He has appointed angels above us.
    • (5:116) Allah will ask even Isa (as) on the Day of Judgment. We are so careless and living our lives scot-free as though there will be no questioning
    • (6:1) Alhamdulillah! Allah deserves to be praised with love and adoration with gratitude. Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal
    • Alhamdulillah! Allah made the night (darkness) so that we can rest in tranquility at night without constant glaring light and heat of the sun
    • (6:6) Allah sends blessings. It is due to our sin that we are in our preset condition of Covid 19.
    • (6:10) When messengers were ridiculed, where do we stand??
    • (6:12) Ask Allah swt for His mercy perpetually
    • (6:17) Allah afflicts and He is also the remover. We are so stupid to go searching for protection here and there. Allah is so close to us yet we are not aware
    • (6:25) Listen to the Qur’an attentively and takes heed before a day comes when the Qur’an will have no impact on us. Hasten towards the Book of Allah so that we can be among the people of Qur’an
    • (6:32) Layib means worldly occupation that brings no benefit
    • (6:33) Don’t take to heart the hurtful things that people say
    • (6:36) May Allah make among the ones who hear
    • (6:42) Allah sent so many messengers to warn us, guide us but we don’t take heed. We need to humble ourselves before Allah. May we all cry only onto Allah
    • (6:44) Blessings in abundance doesn’t mean Allah is pleased with us and hardship doesn’t mean Allah is displeased with us. Both Blessings and hardships are trials from Allah
    • (6:51) No intercessor no protector on the Day of Judgment. It will be only we and our deeds
    • (6:50) A blind and the one who can see are not equal. One who takes heed is the winner
    • (6:52)Wealth of a person doesn’t matter to Allah, remembrance of Allah matters. May we all be among the ‘Zaakireen’
    • (6:54) May Allah’s salaam be upon us
    • (6:61) Messengers do not fail the duties. May our soul departs the world wrapped in sweet smelling perfume
    • (6;64) Allah is The Provider. He is the one who can rescue
    • (6:67)We are hasty. We need to be patient. Everything has been decided 50,000 years ago. It’ has been destined. Qaddaralllah ma‘sha fa’al!
    • (6: 68) don’t argue about the Quran. You will end up confused and deviated
    • (6:70) Don’t take life as amusement
    • (6:71)Allah is the one who guide us
    • (6;74) Speaking truth is not disrespectful
    • (6:80) Don’t fear people, fear Allah.
    • (6:82) A person with strong Eemaan and not associating anyone with Allah will enter Jannah. bi idhnillah
    • Allah doesn’t take shirk, no matter who they are
    • (6:93)Arrogance doesn’t benefit
    • (6:94 Every person will be Alone without their riches, privileges on the Day of Judgment. Only he and his deeds.
    • (6:99) The more the fruits on a tree, the more it bends in humility
    • (6;107) Prophet (saw) is not the guardian over people. People who expect that the Prophet (saw) will save them from Allah on the day of Judgment should take heed of this ayah


  2. Sadikha
    • Allah swt gives us hope even if we erred in the past, repented, left it and start doing good. On the other hand people remind us of our past even after we left it
    • How merciful is our Lord Subhanallah!


  3. Shireen Almas
    • (5:93)Allah swt loves the doers of good those who not only reform themselves after committing sins but also doing good deeds with Ihsaan
    • (6:25)If the Quran does not impact our hearts then we need to do a lot of Istighfar. Hearts get rusty and it is Istighfar that cleanses it. We have to remove biases and stubbornness from the heart. We pray to Allah for Taufeeq and softness of heart
    • Intoxicants alter the state of mind. sinning becomes easier …


  4. Ramlath Beary
    • Speak good words to get increase in ranks, forgiveness of Allah swt and approval of Allah swt
    • Sins prevent a person from understanding the Quran


  5. Askhia Yunus
    • Avoid excessive questioning, it can leads to disbelief
    • (6:6) Beware- sins might cause blessings to decline
    • (6:48) Eeman and Islaah, both are necessary


  6. Nuzhat Parveen
    • (5:93) Taqwa is needed even in matters of what we eat
    • (5:105) Our responsibility is only to convey and not to convince
    • (5:114) Allah is AR-RAZIQ so ask only Him and rely only upon Him for provision
    • (5:117) Majority of our problems would be solved if we remember that Allah is Ar-RAQEEB, the observer who is closely observing all our thoughts , our feelings, our words and our actions
    • (5:119) If we want Allah to be pleased with us then we should also be pleased with His decree and His ways with our lives
    • (6:11) Don’t take minor sins lightly for if they accumulate, they have the power to destroy ones good deeds
    • (6:20\6:25) Qur’an will impact ones heart only if one is ready to recognize the signs of Allah and submit to it. Only then the veil on the hearts are lifted
    • (6:33) We should train our minds the coping mechanism when people hurt us by reminders by remembering that whatever we are doing, its reward is preserved with Allah
    • (6:44)Abundance of blessings are more subtle trials than difficult times


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