10 thoughts on “Juz 8 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (6:127) May Allah swt make us among the inhabitants of Daarussalaam with Allah as our friend and protector
    • (6:112) May Allah swt guides those devils in our lives who try to stop us from pursuing our knowledge and doing good.
    • (6:113) May Allah swt makes us among those who seek the truth and knowledge no matter who stops or puts barriers.
    • (6:116) People follow their assumptions and their desires. If we want guidance, we have to hold onto the Qur’an and follow the facts.
    • (6:118) Be extra careful when we eat outside homes. Check if it’s halal or haraam.
    • (6:119) Following Allah and his Prophet is guidance
    • Hidayah Irshaad is ta’leem available to everyone e.g. Qur’an. Hidayah Tawfeeq is the ability to know the openness and willingness to believe in what Allah has commanded
    • (6:127) Daarussalaam is Jannah
    • (6:132) Qur’an was delivered to be acted upon and we just recite it.
    • (6:136) Fear Allah more than anything else
    • (6:138) Even today we have this sexual discrimination. Men are given the best and women are given the left over.
    • (6:143) Don’t be extravagant. Spend moderately; spend on acts of obedience to Allah. Give charity without showing off
    • (6:144) Don’t make lawful what Allah has made unlawful
    • (6:148) No blame game. Accept our misgivings
    • (6:151) Do not keep knowledge to oneself. Spread goodness. Qur’an should be in every hand and in every heart.
    • (6:152) We need to learn consciously what is halal and what is haraam.
    • (6:155) Qur’an is a blessed book so follow its guidance
    • (6:158) Do good before death strikes. This is the best time with Covid 19 hangover and Ramadan


  2. Askhia Yunus
    • Never ever support an oppressor
    • (6:156) Spend as much time with Quran, as much of blessings you desire.
    • (7:27) Do not let shaitaan convince you to dress inappropriately. Shaitaan can see you from places you do not perceive, so say Bismillah before you undress


  3. Shireen Almas
    • Rabbibnili indaka baitan fil jannah
    • (6:164) people may come together in sin but they will not share the burden on the Day of Judgment. DONT TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR EMAAN. Every soul will reap the fruits of its own deeds.


  4. Malika
    • Our constant Dua is to open our chests to Islam and make us among the devoutly obedient ones and inmates of Daarussalaam
    • (6:160) Never cease to realize the great mercy of our Rabb


  5. Aasiya
    • Guidance comes only with the tawfeeq of Allah swt
    • WE should pray to Allah swt to keep us on the straight path


  6. Rumana
    • Truth requires to bring change
    • We cannot please Allah (swt) by our own innovated ways but by accepting & following the commands of Allah (swt) as they are.


  7. Ramlath Beary
    • Gratitude includes sharing your blessings with others
    • We cannot please Allah swt by our own invented ways, but by ways which Allah swt has legislated
    • We fail to see the blessings of Allah sw. Practice gratitude consciously. Bring to mind the blessings you receive


  8. Azra shaikh
    • Allah is so merciful so generous. We need to be grateful and obedient and grab the opportunity to be among those whom Allah chooses to establish perfect salaah and sacrifice in His way for Him.
    • We should know that the prayers and the sacrifices are exclusively for Him. Only if He wills He selects us for those acts of worship subhanAllah


  9. Sabeha
    • In the light of Allah’s mercy even in prohibitions Allah swt does not use the word ‘HATE’ rather words like ‘does not like’ are used and here we are, using hate speech for every petty things
    • May we find each other in Daarussalaam


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