10 thoughts on “Juz 10 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Aasiya Fathima &Abdullah
    • Because of Daura e Quran, it is so enjoyable to recite the Quran. Alhamdulillah!


  2. Mohamudha Begum
    • We should ask Allah swt for aafiya and ease
    • O Allah! Choose us and do not replace us. Honor us with your obedience and do not dishonor us with your disobedience


  3. Roshan khan
    • (8:45) Be consistent in whatever you do. Always changing is detrimental for your own self.
    • Work hard, pray hard. This is the key to success. Prophet (saw) prayed the whole night to Allah to help them in the battle of Badr.
    • (8:46) Alhamdulillah so many guidelines in one ayah.[1] Obey Allah and his messenger (saw). [2]Don’t dispute it weakens you and strengthens the enemy.[3] Learn from strategies. [4]Be patient for Allah is with those who are patient. [5]Don’t bear resentment with your group it breaks unity. [6] give up unnecessary arguments and move on
    • (8:47) Being unthankful is being ungrateful to Allah. Never show off or boast our deeds else our efforts may go in vain
    • As shaitan came in the form of a human being to deviate in Badr, we too have some characters in our lives who come now and then to pull us down. We consciously need to find them and then either keep distance or with kindness bring them towards deen.
    • Whoever exalts Allah, Allah helps them so increase in your Dhikr
    • ( 8:51) Allah doesn’t change a situation unless we change our self for good
    • Allah opens the doors of His mercy only when we are grateful to Him.
    • (8:60) Be ready for Ibadah. Be pro active for good. Peace is better than conflict. Peace makes life easy. Peace In family is far better than tons of wealth.
    • (8:63) SubhanAllah! Allah brings hearts together. May Allah bring all Al-Hudains together in Jannah.
    • Pray to Al-Wadood for love. SubhanAllah so happy to hear that prophet ( saw) said about his wife Khadijah that he was given the rizq of Khadijah (ra). Alhamdulillah so fortunate was she to be blessed to be Muhammad (saw) spouse
    • We guard our duties towards Allah , He will guards us
    • (8:65) With sabr is success
    • Allah lightens hardships if we are patient
    • Wealth in itself is not evil, it’s misuse is evil
    • (8:70) If we forgive others, Allah will forgives us
    • (8:73) Muslims should support each other in obedience to Allah swt
    • May Allah swt make us like Muhajiroons. They migrated for Allah’s sake. May we do jihaad physically and spiritually too
    • May we be like the Ansaars. They believed and sheltered Muhajireen. We too should believe and give whatever we can for the sake of Allah. By giving they preserved their giving with Allah swt
    • (9:11) If we repent after sin, Allah swt forgives whereas we label people till their end. Alhamdulillah! How Allah swt forgave Abu sufyan as he was being addressed as radhiallahu anhu. SubhanAllah! what an honour
    • (9:40) what a companionship SubhanAllah! Abu Bakr Siddiq together with RasulAllah (saw) in cave, in tent, in Badr and finally in the rowdah.


  4. Ramlath Beary
    • Mend your relationship with Allah and He will improve your relationship with others
    • If you want Allah’s help then think about how you can help others


  5. Sabeha
    • Mercy, good behavior and love are legislated towards those who reform and repent from those who were staunchest of the enemies. How can we ever judge and label or even taunt people for petty actions and thoughts!


  6. Sumaiya Farheen
    • Sabr is to forgive completely, forget & move on. Sabr is not to keep quiet at that moment and keep boiling from inside.
    • Dunya is a pathway to Akhirah
    • (9.24) Allah swt gave us everything so that we can be immersed and focused in His worship and not to be deluded by dunya
    • (9.28) Provision will find us, the way death will. Whatever is written for us, will reach us


  7. Shireen Almas
    • (9:6)The Quran softens hearts .it is our duty to let people know the truth. Give time and not give up on them …make excuses for them
    • Serving the Deen of Allah swt is high in the sight of Allah. Imagine giving a sip of Quran to people for Quran is like rain .It will be better than giving a sip of water .
    • (9:19) giving water is afdhal sadaqah (best charity)


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