11 thoughts on “Juz 13 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (12:54)Yusuf(as) offered his services what he assumed he was best at though he was offered a more better responsibility which could fetch him more close to the king
    • (12:57)Do not detest the trials that have befallen upon us. They could be a source of salvation for us
    • (12:64) Ya’qoob (as) trusted Allah swt in all times. His sabr was the most beautiful patience.
    • (12:82) Do not despair in Allah’s mercy. Allahumma maghfirli , warhamni, Wa al hiqhni bil Rafeeqhil aala
    • (12:88) Be gentle, don’t be harsh. Harshness cannot have a good outcome
    • Stepping stones for a beautiful life. Taqwa , Sabr and Ehsaan.
    • (12:91) Pardon others. Allah swt will elevate your status and honor. If you want to be forgiven by Allah, forgive others.
    • It was not blindness for Yaqoob(as). It was grief that had overtaken his vision.
    • (12:100) Alhamdulillah! a family reunion after so many years
    • When dunya leaves the heart in submission to Allah, a person becomes a wali
    • (13:4) Just as rainwater and earth’s example, parents are same but each child is different in looks and character
    • Want a special bodyguard at night, recite Ayat-ul-Kursi. After maghrib recite 10 times fourth kalima.
    • (13:11) Allah swt does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes from within
    • (13:150 Do sajdah willingly. Allah puts us in hardships, difficulties for purifying us from our sins and shortcomings
    • (13:21) Give gifts to mend relationships. We have no right to cut relationships
    • We are not saints. We tend to have broken relationships so we deliberately need to join relationships. Forgive and forget. Life has to go on so move forward with right step ahead
    • (13:25)Strive greatly for hereafter. It’s not free. We have to invest our time, our presence, our wealth
    • (13:26) A sound heart is full of eemaan. A weak heart is lacking in eemaan. Strengthen our heart by remembrance of Allah swt
    • (14:5) Sabr and Shukr; 2 sides of the same coin. Gratitude is to recognize the gifts of the givers and reciprocate accordingly
    • (14:7) Say Alhamdulillah all the times. Alhamdulillah A’laa kulli haal at difficult times
    • (14:240 Good words are like a good tree. A believer is like a palm tree
    • (14:32) We cannot count Allah’s blessings
    • ( 14:40) O’ Allah! accept our duas
    • (14:52) Every single person should learn Qur’an


  2. Shireen Almas
    • (12:69) Never let negativity overtakes you lest you lose focus of the important goals ahead
    • Don’t poke on the same wound. Allow it to heal SubhanAllah He will make your life whole again and even better
    • (12:69) Never make yourself victim of circumstances. Rise above it
    • The difference between a dead heart and that which is alive is remembrance of Allah


  3. Askhia Yunus
    • (12:111)Foundation of success is having Sabr and Taqwa of Allah swt
    • (13:28) Unquestionably with remembrance of Allah swt, hearts are assured; condition is to have emaan
    • (14:27)Be firm in Eeman because Allah swt gives firmness and confidence to the one with firm eeman in dunya and in grave too.


  4. Shahnaz Begum
    • Sabr, Taqwa & Ehsaan: ingredients for success
    • Sabrun zameel- Beautiful patience without complaining
    • Trails purify a person just like foam on the ore


  5. Ramlath Beary
    • Take your precaution but what is decreed for you will happen. If you trust in Allah then whatever is decreed will be in your favor
    • When you are sad, cry before Allah, not before people
    • If we have to point out someone’s mistake, do it with gentleness
    • Give gifts to relatives to mend relationships and Allah will open doors of abundance for us Subhanallah


  6. Sabeha
    • Persistence on a habit leads one to put it to use when required most. Yusuf (as) practiced patience and Taqwa at all times and this enabled him to practice it in toughest times.


  7. Nuzhat
    • (12:100; 12:101) We know Allah swt controls what is within the heavens and the earth yet We trust Him so little when He manages our lives
    • (12:92) Forgiving others does not benefit anyone more than the one who forgives. Yusuf (as) not only forgives his brothers, he also prays to Allah swt for their forgiveness


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