9 thoughts on “Juz 14 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (15:9) I used to wonder how the Qur’an will be taken away from the earth before the Day of Judgment. Looking at the present situation when people are being stopped from offering their obligatory Salaah 5 times a day. The Haram is partly empty. Anything is possible for Allah swt
    • (15:21) All treasures belongs to Allah swt so we should go ahead and ask Allah swt whatever we need. Allah is Al-Wahhaab (The giver). Do not despair when He withholds anything from us because He’ knows , when, where and what is best for us
    • If everyone was given whatever they desire in this world, it would be a disaster, an utter chaos. Alhamdulillah! Allah has the control of rain with him. If we had such authority, we would have made a cloud- chaotic. Without the authority we are creating acid rain
    • (15:33) Iblees belittled human being. We do the same when we compare and contrast others with us. Our words and actions show how humble are we
    • (15:38) Iblees was vengeful. We too become like him when we are angry. May Allah swt sober us down when we are angry
    • (15:39) Iblees blamed Adam (as) for his being removed from Jannah. We tend to do the same when we are not able to do something out of our inefficiency. We play the blame game
    • (15:35) We don’t know whether what we ask Allah swt is beneficial for us or not. Allah is more knowledgeable
    • (15:40) May Allah swt make us among the Mukhliseen.
    • (15:88)Show gratitude for whatever Allah has blessed us with. Don’t extend our eyes here and there. Don’t be in awe of what others have. What eyes admire heart desire. Don’t fall in the trap of Iblees. He wants us to be thankless.
    • Our prophet (saw) was Rahmat lil Aalameen. SubhaanAllah was touched by his actions towards julaybeb. How much he missed him, how he sent a proposal for his marriage, how when he died carried his body, prayed his janazah. Everybody detested julaybeb and our prophet (saw) loved him
    • (16:1)We have to mention about Allah’s blessings. First blessing is the Qur’an. a blessing which cleanses our hearts so learn, see and contemplate what Allah has commanded for us. we need to recognize the value and worth each blessings. We are limited in our perceptions to take notice of our blessings. Allah swt has made everything on earth for us to use not to abuse
    • Prophet (saw) said Use things when they are healthy and leave them healthy. SubhanAllah so concerned about everything
    • (16:23) Allah swt does not like arrogance. May we all be far away from Istikbaar(arrogance)
    • (16:40)Everything is so easy for Allah swt kun faya kun
    • (16:41) If we leave something for Allah’s sake,.its reward will be doubled. SubhaanAllah!
    • (16:58) Till today this trend hass been followed. Hating daughters and loving sons more
    • (16:61) The effect of Dhulm(injustice) is far reaching. What we do will turned back towards us one day
    • (16:66) Give milk as gift. Three things not to be returned; milk , perfume and bedding
    • May we be like a honey bee, beneficial to others


  2. Rumana
    • No matter how much a person enjoys in this world, eventually everything will come to an end so we should focus on everlasting life of hereafter
    • Gratitude is disposition to see Allah’s (swt) favors in whatever situation we are in
    • Reward of freeing slave – donating milk, or a piece of silver or to guides others through a strait


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • Quran is the greatest blessing we have been given Alhamdulillah! It is a nourishment for our souls
    • Have great expectations from Allah swt
    • Bring sincerity in your actions… Be of the Mukhliseen


  4. Shireen Almas
    • (15:47)May Allah swt guide us to forgive, forget n remove resentments so that we are free of shackles before we meet Him
    • (15:98)Change what can be changed and have patience over what cannot be changed


  5. Askhia Yunus
    • (15:21)Everyone will be given everything only in Jannah, so if you do not get what you prayed hard for, remember this is out of Allah’s wisdom and we are in dunya


  6. Thaliya Badar
    • Best way of dealing with stress: praise Allah swt +prostate
    • (16:29)Test brings weakness to the surface, to improve ourselves
    • Practice forgiving others right now.
    • Be like a honey Bee, hardworking and obedient


  7. Sumaiya farheen
    • The blessings of this world are temporary so focus on getting permanent blessings in Jannah so that we save time and quickly get into Jannah Insha’Allah!


  8. Maryam & Shireen Javali
    • One of the best ways to deal with anxiety is to do tasbeeh and to be among those who prostrate


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