6 thoughts on “Juz 17 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Read the Quran slowly and beautifully to your ability and recite with happiness
    • (21:6) I we don’t know anything we should not hesitate to ask some learned person
    • (21:20) Exalt Allah swt day and night. If you are tired take a break and return back with new zest.
    • (21:23) No one can question Allah swt only He can question us
    • (21:26) No one can intercede except those whom Allah is pleased with
    • (21:34) Everyone will die so prepare for it
    • (21:37) We should not be hasty. Either we dwell in past or future; we need to be present in present
    • We have the capacity to be calm, only we don’t tap that potential
    • (21:47) la ilaha illallah. is very heavy on the scales
    • The mezaan is just a formality to show that Allah swt is fair just in his reckoning
    • (21:50) Barakah is increment and growth in blessings. we need to supplication for barakah
    • (21:79) Ask Allah swt for fahm (understanding) as he had given understanding to Sulaiman (as)
    • (21:83) See things in size. Don’t blow up them in proportion. baat ka batangad na banana. Allah tests whom he wishes
    • (21:90) If we want our duas to be accepted, do things that please Allah swt
    • (21:100) Jahannum is a noisy place. which pants and sighs
    • (22:14) Allah swt will admit in Jannah those who are patient and steadfast
    • (22:18) Everything on earth prostrate to Allah swt. Sajdah removes sins. Seven bones used in sujood will not burn in hellfire
    • (22:19) Clothing and shoes of fire. May Allah save us from it
    • (22-23) Bracelets of gold, silver, pearls, favorites of women. May Allah adorn us with it in Jannah
    • Make wudu properly and frequently. Jewelry of a believer will reach till the places of wudu
    • (22:30) Respect and honour places of worship
    • (22:31) No hope for the one who does shirk
    • (22:350 May we become the ones who tremble when the name of Allah is mentioned
    • (22:36) Meat and blood of the animals we slaughter does not reach Allah, only our piety reaches.


  2. Shireen Almas
    • Hastiness is from shaitan if you give up too soon or react with impatience
    • Its good if you hasten to do good such that opportunities don’t slip by
    • (21:83/87) When a person complains to people then in reality he is complaining about Allah swt. The best way to present our problems is to present before Allah swt. Trials in a person’s life can be a means of being raised in ranks by Allah swt by being patient and complaining only to Him
    • Being grateful and patient during trials, blessings are also restored and much more. Allah swt returned back more to Ayyub a.s.


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • Focus on the present. Take one day at a time, one thing at a time. Do not be impatient
    • Learn from those around you. Even those younger to you. Allah may give understanding and wisdom to anyone
    • Whether situations are tough or easy, we have to focus on being righteous
    • The way of dealing with life’s challenges is not with anger and resentment, but with acceptance and patience
    • Every Sajdah that we make before Allah swt increases our ranks and removes a sin from us… So make frequent and long Sajdahs


  4. Shahnaz Begum
    • One must be prompt but not hasty
    • Allah swt rescues his believing servants
    • We can’t enter Jannah by our deeds but by Allah’s swt mercy


  5. Nuzhat
    • (22:11) problems are a part of life. They are there to take a lesson from, to raise our status near Allah swt so don’t blame Allah swt or Quran for your problem instead take lesson


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