8 thoughts on “Juz 18 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Pray your salaah with Khushu’ (humility and attentiveness) and khudu (stillness )
    • (23:2) We do have control over our limbs. We have to deliberately make efforts to be present in salaah mentally
    • (23:53) If we pick and choose from Quran, Allah swt will leave us in our confusion. We need to take the Qur’an completely
    • (23:65) Our crying and wailing on the Day of Judgment will give us no benefit
    • (23:89) Only that person is saved whom Allah swt saves
    • (24:2) Allah swt detest zina. If haya (shyness) leaves, eemaan leaves. Eemaan departs when zina is committed. No pity for fornicators
    • (24:3) So scary. We have to be very careful when choosing spouse for our daughters. We have to take a deep look into their background to save our daughters from such men and also vice versa
    • (24:13) What we think affects our behavior
    • (24:32) SubhanAllah! we should help poor people of marriageable age to get married
    • (24:40) Ask Allah swt for Noor


  2. Shahnaz Begum
    • We have learnt that it’s the water vapour which form clouds and rain when touched by cool air but here it’s a different scenario


  3. Aasiya Fathima &Abdullah
    • If we are not able to bring khushu’ from inside the heart to limbs, the salaah helps us to start the khushu’ from limbs to heart by being still Alhamdulillah! May Allah swt helps us to pray with complete consciousness of Him in heart and limbs


  4. Maryam & Shireen Javali
    • Recite every ayah of the Quran as if it is addressing you
    • Make du’a for a tongue with good speech


  5. Rumana
    • We should be concerned about & strive to pass on imaan & Tauheed to our children & the next generations
    • What matters is acceptance of our deeds. We should be concerned & pray for acceptance of our good deeds & keep striving
    • Don’t talk about illicit relationship even if you know, stay away from such conversations as Allah (swt) doesn’t like it
    • Our speech reflects what we are so we should guard our speech & be careful


  6. Ramlath Beary
    • Salaah is a reflection of our relationship with Allah swt so we should perfect our salaah and guard it from getting wasted
    • The one who forgives others, Allah swt will forgive him
    • The food that we eat certainly has an impact on the actions that we do so eat that which is good and suitable for your body
    • Enlighten your houses with the dhikr of Allah swt


  7. Sabeha
    • We underestimate the effects of anger and rage when in reality it has devastating effects not only on the person who gets angry but also to those around him. Not only he experiences physical degradation but spiritual deprivation and downfall of self in reality


  8. Shireen
    • (24:12) Ibn sirin “I cry for sins which I thought insignificant while in sight of Allah it is tremendous” subhanallah! Doesn’t emaan demand that we wish for others what we wish for ourselves? Don’t we want someone to speak for us when we are wronged? Allah swt reprimanding the believers for hearing about the slander and not having good assumptions about it. ‘hadha ifkum Mubeen ‘
    • Every time we observe the hijaab we are in obedience to Allah swt


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