11 thoughts on “Juz 19 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (25:24)Deeds of people will not be accepted on the Day of Judgment if they were not done in accordance to Allah swt
    • Doing qailullah (midday napping) is an act of the people of paradise. Taking a nap is a sunnah at noon time
    • (26:28) Choose your friends wisely. Don’t abandon the Qur’an
    • Never ever diminish the power of Qur’an. Take healing from it.
    • (25:43)Following every desire is like being blind to obligations of Allah swt
    • Muslim is the one who surrenders to Allah swt and not the one who surrenders to his own whims and fancies. hell is surrounded by desires of all sorts
    • (25-63) Ibaadur rahmaan- one who is a slave of Ar-Rahmaan. He walks on the earth gently, firmly with humility
    • (25:63) Have mercy on others. If you deal with others with fire, you will get back fire so deal with words of peace.
    • (25 :71) Sincere repentance erases sins
    • (25:72) Don’t claim yourself to be zaki i.e. pure
    • (25:64) Spend these nights of Ramadan in salaah with long qiyaam and long sujood
    • If a person recites at least 10 ayahs InshaAllah he may get a qintaar of rewards. if he recites 100 ayahs it is as if he has read the whole night and get rewarded accordingly
    • You might be among the truthful and the martyrs Biidhnillah.
    • Allah becomes angry with those who do not call upon him
    • (26:21) Reminding old favours is the behaviour of Fira’un
    • Let’s meet Allah swt with a clean heart. allahumma inna as aluka qalbun saleeman
    • Eemaan of a person cannot be upright unless his heart is upright. Our well being depends upon the well being of our heart
    • Soundness of a heart depends on our reciting Qur’an with pondering ,eating little, standing in salaah at nights, being in company of righteous
    • it’s our sins that stop us from taking the best of this Qur’an


  2. Nuzhat Parveen
    • (25:30) Abandoning Quran includes
    1) to not listen to it(e.g. lack of attention); 2) to not live by it i.e. implementing it; 3) to not pay regards to its rulings i.e. considering its laws outdated; 4) to not reflect upon it i.e. its wors, lessons etc; 5) to not seek shifa, through it (for physical and mental ailment)


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • Sincere repentance leads to sins being replaced with good deeds
    • Develop strong connection with Quran. Convey the Quran to others as well
    • Knowledge is better than physical power


  4. Rumana
    • Ask about Allah(swt) to the one who knows better i.e. learn about Allah(swt) through prophet(saw) & through Quran
    • Repenting to Allah (swt) replace a sin with a good deed, a private one with a private good deed & a public one with a public good deed
    • Hell fire is surrounded by desires
    • Refrain from reminding your favors on others
    • When someone has changed positively, don’t remind them of their past mistakes & don’t criticize them
    • Injustice destroys homes, ruins families


  5. Maryam & Shireen Javali
    • Don’t respond to anger with anger
    • Focus on finding the solution, not the problem
    • There is a way out from every problem if you have Taqwa and Yaqeen


  6. Sabeha
    • If we don’t stand up for something , we will fall for everything… stand up for the qiyaam … only for Allah ta’la … and He will bless us with strength and steadfastness through the day …
    • detest the deed and not the person


    • (25:63) Ibadur Rahman- humility is not thinking low about yourse but thinking less about yourself ..Respond don’t react …focus on the solution not problem..
    • Talk in a manner to calm the ignorant.


  8. Askhia Yunus
    • (27:15)Truly knowledgeable ones praise Allah swt and remain humble
    • (25:30)Analyze! how much of the Quran do I act upon and how much of it do I leave out?


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