9 thoughts on “Juz 21 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (29:46) Do not argue with people
    • Prophet (saw) was unlettered. This became an asset for him (saw). Alhamdulillah we too sometimes wonder why we don’t have such and such thing with us. Alhamdulillah that is for our own good.
    • (29:49) We should preserve some amount of Qur’an in our chests. Qur’an is to be acted upon
    • Allah will acknowledge our efforts, they will not go in vain
    • (29:69) Strive against nafs, desire, world and shaitan
    • (30:7) Don’t just focus on apparent, focus beyond it
    • (30:21) Allah swt put mavadda (love) and rahmah(mercy) between spouses. They deserve our love and compassion
    • It’s humane to make mistakes, don’t dwell in them. no one is perfect except Allah
    • (30:30) Every child is born upon fitrah
    • (30:41) Corruption on land and sea is a direct result of our own actions. Every action has a consequence.
    • Do not question Allah swt or belittle the sunnah
    • (31:6) Lahwul Hadith (amusement of speech) keeps a person away from ahsanul Hadith (Quran). The more we feed in the nafs, the more it demands. “ye dil mange more“
    • (31:19) Don’t yell. Be soft in your speech. Teach your children tauheed, compassion, resilience with hikmah
    • (32:9) Allah swt has blessed us with faculties of seeing and hearing. Put them to good use and thank Allah for it
    • (32:24) A leader is able to lead only when he has patience and yaqeen.
    • (33:1) Allah swt addressed our prophet (saw) with his tittles. it’s a great honour. we also should take the name of our prophet ( saw) with respect and love
    • (33:3) A wife is a wife and a mother is a mother. Both need their space and each have their own rights
    • (33:5) Call the adopted sons with name of their biological father. nafs would insist we do bad but we have to follow what our beloved prophet (saw) has taught us
    • 1/3 of our wealth can be given in our wassiyyah but not more than that. We cannot change the laws of Allah swt


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Become of the Ahlul Quran… Recite, understand and act upon it
    • Marriage is meant to bring sukoon (tanquility0. Be loving and merciful to your spouse. Accept how they are. No one is perfect
    • Giving to the relative brings double reward
    • Difficulties are meant to take us towards tawbah


  3. Nuzhat Parveen
    • knowledge is informational, Hikmah is transformational
    • 29:45) In order to benefit from Quran, one must recite it constantly
    • (29:60) provision is in the hands of Allah swt. what is written for us will reach us


  4. Thaliya Badar
    • All the blessings in the world and in the Aakhirah are mercy from Allah swt
    • Charity is doubly rewarded if given to relatives


  5. Rumana
    • Don’t feed the desires of Nafs
    • Teach children with wisdom & with practical demonstrations..


    • (30:60) Yastakhiffannaka……don’t let people who are not firm in faith, let you lose your determination, make you weak, resort you to foolishness, to lose your sabr, your confidence. Don’t let them make you intolerant or compromise or make you uncertain in your faith. Don’t lose your values and principles. Don’t let them stop you fulfilling your duty to Allah swt


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