7 thoughts on “Juz 22 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Your relationship with Allah swt does not depend on which person you are related to or which family you belong to. it depends on your Taqwa
    • (33:32) A woman Is permitted to talk to men but with Qaulum maroof (appropriate speech). Her talk should be moderate and dignified
    • (33:33) A woman is not required to provide for her family, it is the responsibility of a man. however she can spend with her own will.
    • (33:41) No one is excused from the Dhikr of Allah
    • (33:47) Don’t focus on what people may think about you instead focus on your Ibadah and how to please Him
    • (33:53) Do not enter into houses of anyone without permission. Brother in law is death. beware !
    • Send Salawaat on Prophet ( saw) and gain immense reward
    • (33:58) We have no right to abuse or harm anyone. The more closer to us deserve more goodness from us
    • The rule of covering ourself is from the Almighty so we need to follow it deliberately
    • (34:9) Abdun Muneeb; one who turns toward Allah swt repeatedly
    • (35:10) fa lillahi izzatu jamee’aa. Seek honour from Allah swt. seek respect and dignity from Allah swt alone
    • (35:12) Just as water is sweet and salty, people are also sweet and salty. Take in sweetness. and ignore the salty nature
    • (35:15) Allah is Ghani, we are faqeer. We are in need of Allah’s grace and Allah is not in need of us
    • (35:45) We should not be deceived by the brightness of this world rather focus on mending our relationship with Allah swt


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Busy yourself with worship and knowledge
    • The fear of people should never stop us from following and conveying the truth
    • Remember Allah swt much because His favours are much ….Alhamdulillah!
    • Do not complain about the abundance of blessings- Be patient and grateful
    • Good words alone are not enough…. Righteous actions are required


  3. Azra Shaikh
    • Alhumdulillah for the guidelines of speaking… entering houses… dispersing…. going out etc for men and as well as for women…. these are so simple and clear….. Alhumdulillah
    • (33:68 and 73) Lets introspect all our aspect of lives as to how we are fitting in the moulds of a believers or mushrikeen or hypocrites….. rectify ourselves and seek forgiveness inshaAllah


    • (33:53) The sahabas were the most noble and the wives of the prophets were the most chaste and they are being advised here ..then how much more do we need to take heed to all the commands of Allah swt
    • All commands are based on wisdom of Allah swt and it shows how much Allah cares for his servants
    • (34:19) Do not belittle blessings. Don’t complain about them either. Appreciate what you have been given


  5. Rumana
    • (35:37) life of this world is so precious that it decides how our life in hereafter be..our chance to do good is only & only here…we would never get a chance to come back & do good…


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