4 thoughts on “Juz 23 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (36:22) I am what I am because of Allah swt then why shouldn’t I worship him??
    • (36:26) We don’t know the name of that person who came running to warn the people. Name does not matter, action matters. Allah mentions about him in the Qur’an and also enters him into heaven. SubhaanAllah what an honour. Allah has also forgave him and placed him among the honoured. Any action done for Allah’s sake is not small. we never know which action pleases Him to forgive us
    • (37:1) Straighten our rows from toe to toe in salaah. People who don’t pry will be among Firaun and hamaan. Astaghfirullah what a bad company.
    • (36:65) Hands and feet will speak about what they did on the Day of Judgement. Thigh will be the first to speak on the Day of Judgement
    • (37:29) Never do wrong for the sake of other people
    • (37:41) Subhaanallah! before eating fruits of Jannah, it will be a feast for eyes first.
    • (37:60) We need to work to enter Jannah.
    • If someone is criticising and mocking your deen, be away from them. A bad companion will effect you. stay away from such vices.
    • (37:85) Doubt doesn’t allow you to attain goodness so remove genuine doubts by asking
    • A sound heart is clean, pure and free from regret , jealousy and vices
    • (37:143) Do Tasbeeh day and night. Tasbeeh also means salaah. We need to offer not only obligatory salaah but also voluntary ones. Mention your good deeds and ask Allah like the three friends who were trapped in a cave
    • (38:24) Don’t oppress one another. We too need to take lessons from our situations like Dawood a.s.
    • (38:29) Qur’an is a blessed book. We need to take lessons, reflect and ponder over the ayahs.


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • The surplus money that Allah swt has given us is not only for us. Others have a share in it so spend
    • Do not have bitterness in your hearts for anyone. Make peace with others for a sound heart
    • Be wary of the doubts of the doubters. Stay away from bad influence of people
    • Our goal should be to please Allah swt. Do not make peoples praise our ultimate goal


    • Instil in hearts of children fear of Allah swt and submission to Him only. Teach them to submit not bcoz of your fear rather bcoz they love, fear and believe in Him
    • Guide your children to make good choices and instil consciousness of Allah swt
    • Doing tasbeeh of Allah swt is spiritual sustenance, health of heart, nearness to Allah swt, raises a person up when he slips sometimes. Subhaanallah!


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