5 thoughts on “Juz 24 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (39:35) See the truth and believe in it. Truthfulness leads to righteousness and piety leads to Jannah.
    • Allah is sufficient for all matters. Alhamdulillah
    • (39:39) Remember death before sleep and after waking up.SubhaanAllah we plan so many things and never know that whether we will be alive to complete them.
    • (39:47) We think we are doing good while in reality we are harming ourselves. May Allah save us and give us the taufeeq to differentiate between good and bad
    • (39:54) Allah’s mercy is vast. we need to repent. tawbatun nasooha.no sin is mightier than Allah’s mercy.
    • (39:54) Death is certain yet we are so heedless. May Allah swt make us to take life seriously and repent to him.We are in awe of people while actually we are to be in awe of Allah
    • (39:73) The inhabitants of Jannah and jahannum will be sent in groups. We have to decide which group we would like to go with
    • (40:4) Accept our faults, repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness. Allah’s mercy is above His wrath. Angels pray for us when we stay put and do dhikr after our fard salaah, when we visit the sick, when we stand in the first row of jamah salaah, when we straighten rows and make efforts to keep everyone in row, for those who teach good things to others, to eat suhoor, when we do dua for others
    • (40:13) We need to deliberately try to recognise signs of Allah
    • (49:18) Let us prepare for the Day of Judgement this Ramadan. We never know if we will be alive next Ramadan


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Belief in Tauheed brings strength and courage. It dispels fear
    • Never take credit for the blessings you have. Blessings are a test of our faith
    • No matter what kind of sins you have committed, Allah swt forgives provided you seek forgiveness and come to Allah with tauheed… No sin is too big for Allah swt to forgive. . Subhanallah
    • Make time for dhikr of Allah swt for this life is very short
    • Alhamdulillah for the beautiful angels who make dua for the beleivers


  3. Malika
    • (39:53) Don’t ever give up on the Mercy of Allah Azzawajal! HE forgives all our sins however big or small. No sin is too big for Allah swt to forgive!


    • (40:74) Arrogance about worldly knowledge kept them busy which stopped them from taking knowledge of the hereafter and this was their downfall. Their attitude was wrongly satisfied with worldly knowledge


  5. Askhia Yunus
    • (41:12) Calmness is from Allah swt while hastiness is from shaitaan so practice calmness and discipline in salaah. It helps you build your character eventually.
    • (39:33) Be foremost in righteousness as was Abu Bakr r.a.who accepted the truth, believed in it and followed it thoroughly.


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