10 thoughts on “Juz 25 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Ramlath Beary
    • Have hope and patience. It will help you thrive through difficulties in life
    • Support your duas with good deeds
    • Be patient when in fear. Be grateful when relieved
    • Raising daughters in a beautiful way, will be a protection from the fire Subhaanallah!
    • Live in this world like a traveller. Remember that our ultimate return is to Allah swt


  2. Roshan khan
    • (42:5) SubhaanAllah! we are so blessed.They are concerned about us. They pray for us so that Allah does not catch us with his wrath. No doubt the way we err is immense
    • The extent of our sins and misgivings is vast but if we repent, Allah is Ever Forgiving
    • (42:11) There is no equivalent to Allah. It really is dhulm when we try to associate our blessings to our own selves.
    • (42:15) Be considerate of people. Be good in speech and deal with softly. Allah swt blesses those with gentleness and good character
    • Kindness with children doesn’t mean that we fulfil all their demands
    • (52:19) Allah swt is subtle. Allah is kind to us more than we are to ourselves
    • Allah swt is kind and mends hearts, conceals our faults. Make Ridhwan of Allah our motive and act accordingly
    • (42:45) Support our duas with good deeds.
    • Avoid major sins and be away from immortalities.
    • When angry drink water, If standing sit down and if sitting lie down. Anger gathers all evil. Being away from anger will be a source of Jannah.
    • (42:44) Real losers are those who put themselves and their families away from qur’aan daughters will be sitran minan naar
    • All matters depend on Allah swt. Quran is a gift from Allah. SubhaanAllah we accept this 💝 gift. Make the qur’an our spring time. feel fresh with it
    • (43:48) Fortify ourselves with dhikr of Allah swt. Don’t just focus on our own recitation. Join others and recite together. Don’t make shaitaan our qareen. Make angels our friends
    • (43:67) Love for Allah’s sake and dislike for Allah’s sake.


  3. Maseerah Zaka
    • Admit your sins to Allah swt and seek forgiveness
    • remain steadfast in your religion no matter what
    • reward is guaranteed for those who forgive others


  4. Malika
    • O! Allah make Quran the spring of our heart, the light of our chest, the banisher of our sins and reliever of our distress


  5. Azra Shaikh
    • A well brought up daughter is a shield from hell fire…SubhanAllah
    • Real friendship is for the sake of Allah swt
    • (43:67) Loving each other for the sake of Allah is the by product of loving Allah swt
    • Forgive people and leave the recompense to Allah swt


  6. Shireen Almas
    • Anger is like acid. It burns oneself and leads to a lot of evil so control anger and pardon people and Allah will pardon you. Don’t get angry and you will be protected from Allah’s anger. By controlling anger you are freeing yourself and inviting mercy of Allah swt


  7. Askhia Yunus
    • (42:26) Support ur duas with good deeds
    • (42:32) Be patient when in distress and grateful when relieved
    • (43:67) Close friends will be enemies on the Day of Judgment except muttaqeen. love one another for sake of Allah swt. A person who has not loved someone or something for sake of Allah has not tasted sweetness of emaan.
    • (45:37) Grandeur is only for Allah, only humility suits us.
    • (45:31) No place for arrogance in Jannah so practice humility in dunya itself


  8. Thaliya Badar
    • One who brings up his daughter with love then she will be like a shield for him from fire on the Day of Judgment


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