6 thoughts on “Juz 26 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Loving the book of Allah is loving Allah swt. Respecting Quran is like respecting Allah swt
    • The most preferred deeds are praying salaah on time and birr al walidain (dutiful to one’s parents)
    • You are not responsible for your feelings but only responsible for your actions
    • Dutifulness to mother draws you closer to Allah swt
    • Prophet (saw) encouraged to spend on parents.
    • Allah swt has cursed the one who is disrespectful to his parents
    • When blessings and good things approach us, thank Allah swt .No faculties of us will benefit us when we are only concerned about the world.
    • (47:5) SubhaanAllah Jannah will be familiar to us. inshaAllah we will not need to ask anybody our home address
    • Wealth and children are trials for us.
    • (47:20) Say good words
    • If we don’t spend in the way of Allah swt, we are actually depriving ourself of so much goodness in this world and hereafter as well
    • We should open our hearts for Quran to enter. Remove the filth to accommodate goodness.
    • When we deliberately stay back from good opportunities we are withholding ourselves of goodness
    • Do not raise your voice. Before taking action investigate its authenticity


  2. Aasiya Fathima &Abdullah
    • Be good to your parents even if thy are not muslims
    • When kids do little ihsan to mother .. the heart of mother gets so much contented and a dua from mothers heart could take them to jannah


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • One cannot repay the Ihsaan of ones mother. Just bcoz you are doing good things, you cannot neglect your parents
    • Learn the Quran, internalise it and pass it on to others
    • Knowledge comes before action
    • Unlock your hearts- let the Quran enter your hearts… Allow the Quran to improve your life
    • Take responsibility for your actions and seek forgiveness


  4. Sumaiya Farheen
    • If we avoid conflict for the sake of Allah, Allah swt will honour us
    • We will enter Jannah with our families – in’sha’Allah
    • Trust Allah’s decisions, there is always khair in them


  5. Shireen Almas
    • Opportunities once lost will not come back so quickly grab it before its gone
    • The path of obedience and disobedience are different so results are also different.


  6. Askhia Yunus
    • (49:12) Righteous ones neither backbite nor allow others to do so rather they defend believers behind their backs.
    • (51:16 Mohsineen happily take their reward in Hereafter because they happily obey Allah’s commands in Dunya.


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