6 thoughts on “Juz 29 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (68:11) Gossip is not a characteristic of people of Jannah .
    • (68:42) Outcome of a deed is like the deed itself.
    • (68:43) May we be among those who prostate to Allah swt
    • (68:48) Admit our sins and acknowledge our mistakes
    • (69:11) Our ears are doors to knowledge so put them to appropriate use
    • (69:20) Fill our book of deeds with immense Istighfaar
    • (69:19) May Allah swt give our book of deeds in our right hand. We need to do deeds such that we are bound to be given the record book in our right hand inshaallah
    • (69:33) We need to feed poor people and also need to encourage others to feed
    • (69:35) May Allah swt save us all from this punishment. We can’t bear to drink a little smelly water how will we drink the discharge? so we ask Allah to not let us be among them.
    • (70:14) Take care of your health. Keep yourselves healthy so that you would be able to worship to your max
    • (70:23) Be consistent in your prayers and don’t skip. Salaah teaches self discipline
    • (71:28) Make dua for oneself, then for ones parents and then for all Muminoon
    • (72:18) Masajid belongs solely to Allah swt. we have to use them solely for His worship
    • (73:4) Zaiyyinal quraan li aswatikum- Beautify Quran with your recitation. Do not recite like a wind and do not toss as if they were cheap dates. Give every letter it’s due haqqn. No doubt Qur’an is heavy on speech so make yourself strong 💪 with night worship as it is the nourishment for the soul. Eat less and recite Qur’an. Eating more makes us lethargic
    • (73:11) Be consistent in your Ibadah. Recite whenever and how much is possible
    • (71:25) Because of their sins (unacceptance) they were drowned. Whatever evil comes to us is because of our sins so we need to look into our own closet of heart and mind, what we did that this situation has befallen over me.


  2. Nuzhat Parveen
    • (68:33) In this life Allah swt tests us with partial punishment so as to save us from greater punishment of the Hereafter.
    • (69:6) Help of Allah swt could come in any form, anywhere. Even a wind was sufficient to destroy whole community as mighty as people of Aad.
    • (S. mursalaat) In order to enjoy the blessings of jannah, it is important that we fast today from what is unlawful i.e. fast from backbiting, from laziness etc.


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • Good Character is perfection of faith
    • Whoever loves to be pleased with his book of deeds then he should fill it with Isthighfaar
    • Sabrun jameel is when in the midst of trial, you say, ‘Alhamdulillah’
    • When a person becomes obedient, upright and steadfast for Allah swt, then Allah will increase him in guidance and he will have barakah in his provisions
    • The night worship actually makes us stronger. Eat a little and leave sins to be able to pray at night
    • Do not waste time in vain discourses
    • Do good deeds seeking the face of Allah swt. Do not wish any reward or gratitude from people


  4. Thaliya Badar
    • Do little but constantly.
    • importance of night prayer is the summary of a Surah Muzammil
    • Weak people take revenge, strong ones forgive
    • Fast from laziness
    • Sunnah:Read surah Insaan in fajr and Surah mursilat in maghrib prayer


  5. Sumaiya Farheen
    • Fast from Lazines- Subhan Allah !
    • Do whatever we do with Ehsaan
    • constantly remind ourselves that this is for Allah swt


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