Taleem al Qur`an Certificate Course

The prophet (saw) said: “The best amongst you is the one who studies the Qur’an and teaches it” [Bukhari]

May Allah (swt) bless you and your families in this journey of knowledge to become among His chosen servants,
make this journey easy for you, and keep you steadfast till the very end, Aameen

  • Al Qur’an – Recitation and Tajweed
  • Al Qur’an – Translation and Tafsir
  • Seerah of the prophet (saw)
  • Arabic Writing
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Duas
  • Life Management Skills
  • Fiqh of Taharah (Cleanliness), Fiqh of Salah (Prayer), Fiqh of Sawm (Fasting), Fiqh of Zakah, Fiqh of
  • Hajj, Fiqh of Life and Death
  • Additional subjects will be added as per time available insha Allah
Stationary items needed in class
  • Full Size notebooks with sections for different subjects
  • Pencil, eraser and sharpener
  • Pens (Red, Blue, Green), Markers (Red, Blue, Green)
  • Small ruler, Sticky notes, Small Index Cards
Attendance & Marks

Above 90% attendance in Classes and Group Study and above 80% Marks in all tests and assignments is necessary to obtain the Taleem al Qur`an completion Certificate


Timetable in class is subject to change.

Books needed in class
  • Al Huda Word – Word Translation Urdu/English
  • Wa Iyyaka Nastaeen (Du’a Book)
  • Qur’ani and Masnoon Duas (Du’a Book)
  • Plain Uthmani Qur’an Mushaf
  • Quran reading and writing book by AlHuda Institute

If any book is unavailable during the time of the admission, it will be provided in the due course of time. Additional
books needed during class will be provided in future, insha Allah.


Plain white scarf provided by AlHuda Institute.

Policies of the Organization

All students are required to follow the rules and regulations of AlHuda Institute.
Students who, despite reminders, refuse to abide by the policies may be subject to disciplinary action.

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