11 thoughts on “Juz 11 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (9:94) Don’t make excuses
    • Though we can fool people with our excuses we cannot deceive Allah. He knows us in and out so beautify our inside rather than our outside
    • People’s actions are exposed sooner or later so no need to cover up and wind up sins after sins
    • Don’t waste time trying to please people instead pleasing Allah is more beneficial
    • Self check: Is Allah pleased with this particular act of mine?
    • Stop covering lies no matter who they belongs to or even ours
    • (9:100) Saabiqoon-al-awwaleen May Allah swt make us among them. May we try to race in our good deeds
    • (9:103) Sadaqah purifies our heart and our properties so we need to be generous in giving. Don’t forget to give sadaqatul fitr on Eid day
    • (9:108) May Allah swt make us among the Muta tahhireen (the one who purifies themselves)
    • (9:104)Don’t despair. Be hopeful of Allah’s mercy
    • Our goal in life is not to be just happy ourselves. We are created to please Allah swt so we should take that extra mile and please Him
    • (9:111) What a beautiful and honorable contract! Allah is the buyer; the product we are buying is Jannah which is very expensive, very precious, only selected few can buy it. No matter what great deeds we do we cannot buy Jannah. It is only by the mercy and grace of Allah swt that we can enter Jannah
    • Here Ayesha (ra) asked prophet (saw)to pray for her so he prayed for her and she laughed and became happy. The prophet then said I pray for my Ummah like this in every salah.
    • Taayiboon always repenting; A’abidoon always in worship; Taahiroon always keeping themselves clean; Haamidoon always praising Allah; Saaihoon those who travel for Allah’s sake and also those who fast; Raajio’on those who bow in salaah; Saajidoon those who prostrate in salaah. May Allah swt make us among them
    • (9:112) Do not fall into unlawful. Stop when Allah commands, start when Allah commands. Respect the boundaries set by Allah swt. Good tidings are for those who follow all these.
    • (9:117) when we work and think we are exhausted that means we have done our 40%. We have more potential. Allah swt doesn’t burden us more than we can bear. Difficult situations are a blessing. Expect the best. Allah is with the patient
    • (9:118) don’t turn away from Allah swt, turn towards Allah swt. Allah swt accepts repentance even if we have sinned the amount equal to an ocean
    • Allah swt does not waste the deeds of a believer. Prophet (saw) said to Ayesha (ra) during their Umrah whatever you spend and whatever difficulties you face for Allah sake you will be rewarded.
    • When a person is sick or not able to pray due to genuine reasons Allah swt reward them. Even intentions are rewarded SubhanAllah! Allah is so benevolent
    • Knowledge acquired is to be shared. It is preserve with Allah swt
    • (10:2) Qur’an gives us good news that Allah swt will give a honorable position
    • (10:4) Allah swt gives what people deserves for their acts and intentions
    • (10:7) make the dua shared at the beginning of the class to see the face of Allah swt
    • (10:8) This dunya should not be our ultimate concern. Allah swt will provide whatever we deserve. Those who are grateful in dunya will be grateful in the Aakhirah


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Give preference to approval of Allah swt over approval of people
    • Sadaqah is a means of gaining nearness to Allah swt. Our entire family benefits when we give sadaqah
    • The reward of a good deed begins from the moment we intend to do the good deed


  3. Askhia Yunus
    • (9:101) Sadaqah not only purifies ones wealth and heart, it is also a means of growth too to him and his family
    • (9:94) Allah swt looks at ones heart and actions and not their external beauty so exert in beautifying your inner self.


  4. Shireen Javali & Maryam
    • Lack of good company and being away from Allah’s Book can cause hypocrisy
    • Even something as small as half a date can save a person from the hellfire. So do not belittle any good deed


  5. Shireen Almas
    • (9:111) What an honorable contract!! Allah swt is the buyer so how can we give something defective? Any person would want the best quality so we cannot give anything of lesser value and we have to uphold the contract in a manner that pleases Allah swt. Our sincerity defines our Jannah. May Allah make us sincere
    • ALLAH SWT IS SO GENEROUS. Even sincere intentions are rewarded. No reward is wasted big or small .No deed is wasted
    • Sadaqah cleanses our hearts of hypocrisy. Sadaqah purifies wealth, soul and cleanses records subhanAllah!
    • (10:22) Even during difficult times if we cannot breakdown in front of Allah then we need to make lots of duas to soften our hearts
    • (10:36) Don’t we research when we make a worldly investment? Don’t we take the latest medicine? Then how can we take our deen in mere conjunction?


  6. Akeela Altaf
    • Allah swt has a certain level planned for us. We can’t reach that level through our good deeds so Allah places difficulties and tests on us to raise our levels which will happen InshaAllah if we are patient and persevering


  7. Rumana
    • What is worth believing & having is worth sharing.
    • Never approve wrongs of people
    • If you feel away from Allah(swt) give sadaqah as it is a mean to nearness to Allah (swt)
    • we were not created to worship our desires but to worship Allah(swt)


  8. Habeeb Khan Pathan
    • The 6 days mentioned about the creation of heavens and the earth, the word Ayyam, means days and also periods, There are scholarly opinions saying, it could also means 6 different periods, which the modern science is also accepting. It is not doubting Allah’s Qadr, subhanAllah


  9. Nuzhat
    • (9:109) Intention might get infiltrated over time. It is important to keep renewing our intention again and again exclusively for the sake of Allah swt


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