7 thoughts on “Juz 30 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Askhia Yunus
    • (41:12) Calmness is from Allah swt while hastiness is from shaitaan so practice calmness and discipline in salaah. It helps you build your character eventually.
    (39:33) Be foremost in righteousness as was Abu Bakr r.a.who accepted the truth, believed in it and followed it thoroughly.


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Arrogance brings ruin to a person in this world and in the Aakhirah
    • Do not treat people differently because of their disability or social status
    • Everything is being recorded by angels so fear Allah
    • The most honourable of people in the sight of Allah are those who fear Allah
    • Both wealth and poverty are a test from Allah swt
    • We will be asked about each small and big blessing so be grateful. Use the blessings to please Allah


  3. Roshan khan
    • We will we be given status inAakhirah as per our deeds. so need to escalate them if we need higher positions
    • (78:38) Be prepared stay safe in Jannah
    • (81:7) Our mouth will be silenced on the Day of Judgment and our limbs will speak
    • (80:1) The beloved prophet of Allah (saw) was reprimanded about his frowning in this ayah. where do we stand ?????
    • This life is so short yet we are so heedless.
    • (86:5) Allah swt could catch us even on our hidden intentions
    • Action is a consequence of our intentions. Just doing good deeds is not enough. intentions behind it are of utmost importance
    • Actions are to be done in a manner acceptable to Allah.
    • Reminder benefits a believer
    • With more taqwa we have more ability to do good
    • Initiate kindness it will upgrade us
    • When Allah swt has blessed his slave with something he likes to see the effects of it on him.


    • Vain talk we consider so light and frivolous subhaanallah! and this can tip a persons balance to become true bearers of the Quran. We need to prove through our words and actions. Gentleness from harshness, humbleness from boastfulness, tolerance from impatience
    • The most virtuous deed is to bring joy to a believer.
    • Feed hungry when you yourself are hungry, orphan relative, person in distress


  5. Rumana
    • Success is purification of Soul
    • purification of heart is essential to do Ibadah. We should constantly seek forgiveness from Allah swt for purifying our hearts


  6. Aasiya Fathima & Abdullah
    • Alhamdulillah for the duas learnt, we were able apply them in every day prayers


  7. Irfana
    • We always toggle between need and want. After this 1 month class, I hope I will be able to define my need and Inshallah I will simplify life keeping all my conscious in presence and fear Allah swt


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