8 thoughts on “Juz 4 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • Yearn to go to the house of Allah and gain immense reward
    • Give things you love much for the sake of Allah and preserve it forever.
    • Alhamdulillah Allah made for us so many things lawful to eat and restricted only few
    • Suppress your anger , Allah will fill your life with hope
    • Old habits can be changed. Just make a resolution to change
    • Mohsineen are not perfect, they are bound to make mistakes but Allah is always there to forgive. So seek forgiveness
    • 3 things required to be a best mu’min.
    [1] Enjoin what is good,
    [2]Forbid what is bad and
    [3] believe in Allah at all times.
    • After distress Allah sends tranquility
    • Gentleness makes one beautiful
    • Trials prepare a person , they build a person’s capabilities and also builds his stamina.
    • Sahabaas though tired after the battle were ready for another one. SubhaanAllah!


  2. Shireen Almas
    • we should spend of what we love to tame our own nafs .
    • Those who are pleased with the decree of Allah, Allah is pleased with them and those who are angry with the decree of Allah,Allah is angry with them


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • It is Allah who guides people… So do not judge people, do not think that those who have done horrible things in life will never be guided
    • Keep making dua for guidance for yourself and others.


  4. Anam Taher Shaikh
    • Iyyaka nastaeen book, supplication for protection page 17, dua number 19, protection against those who do not want good for us


  5. Sadikha
    • Being united gives strength
    • it is ALLAH’S mercy that He gives assurance of His forgiveness to start up fresh when we err
    • Since suppressing anger is a great job the reward is also great


  6. Nuzhat
    • By committing sins one is harming none but himself (3: 117)
    • As Muslims our obligations are not restricted only to personal Ibadah rather we are commanded to enjoin good n forbid wrong. This is actually being honest with people as well as with ourselves
    • Never be judgmental about people. Guidance is only in the hands of Allah swt. (3:128)
    • Greed for wealth makes a person disregard what is lawful n what is unlawful (3:130)
    • When Allah makes us to go through trials it is only to make us stronger
    • If ones ultimate goal is to please Allah swt then he will go on no matter what (3:144)
    • It is because of our own sins that satan gets the better of us (3: 155)
    • Hardships that we are facing is by the permission of Allah (3:166)
    • Allah is enough for us even if all the tides are against us (3: 173)
    • Only a person with determination can be patient n Allah conscious during trials
    • people of intellect are those who do dhikr constantly
    • Part of belief is to develop sabr and taqwa Sabr-being courageous in the face of hardships Taqwa-remain firm over obedience to Allah swt even in difficult times
    • S. Nisaa why men are given twice the share as women because financial burden is exclusively on men
    • Forgiveness is for those who repent


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