11 thoughts on “Juz 9 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (7:92) SubhanAllah such a great Ayah. Shu’aib (as) a prophet is uncertain about his eemaan and says he will be on eemaan only by the will of Allah swt. A great lesson for us. Just with few good deeds and trying to be a student of knowledge we take the liberty that we will continue to be on eemaan.
    • Allah says that He will send hardships upon a nation when they turn down their prophets. Today’s situation may be with our own doings. We put down the ways of our Prophet (saw)! We don’t value his teachings and follow our desires that’s why may be we are probe to this Covid 19.
    • (7:99) We assume we are safe and secure with our resources, our bank balances. We hope they might save us at times of calamities. No wealth, no authority is going to save us from the anger of Allah. Only by Allah’s mercy we could be saved
    • (7:100) May Allah swt makes our hearts soft and responsive to Him. When a heart becomes hard ,it doesn’t feel the pain
    • (7:43)The magicians expected their ajr from Fira’un. We too are bothered about our benefits, wealth in whatever we do. We don’t think twice if it is according to the ways of Allah
    • (7:47) Just one ayah was enough for the magicians to believe. They were prompt in prostrating. We should also take lesson from it and be quick in accepting the rules and regulations of Islam.
    • (7:103) Fira’un immediately blames the magicians. We too are very quick in blaming if something doesn’t go our way.
    • (7:126) There is no point in arguing. In face of fear don’t give up. Ask Allah swt for sabr and help. Ask for husnul khatima (good end)
    • (7:128) Allah swt causes to inherit whomever He wants. We have some authority over something and we assume we are the masters
    • (7:195) Allah swt gave every single faculty to us as a gift. May we use it to praise and glorify Him and to do acts pleasing to Him and to become close to Him
    • (7:185) Don’t bother about the time of ‘The Hour’ rather prepare for it
    • Allah swt gave the example of a dog, livestock for humans and we consider ourselves as great men and women.
    • (8:16) We can change the strategies but do not quit reciting Quran. We can change the timings but recite the Qur’an
    • Remembrance of Allah swt fortifies us against the tricks and plots of shaitaan
    • Remberance of Allah should be remembrance of Allah. Remember Allah as such it suits His majesty
    • To err is human but one should get up, steady oneself, invoke Allah and move forward.


  2. Sadikha
    • In face of trials we feel so overwhelmed and start thinking of dying but at such times we should ask for patience and death of khair
    • When people hurt you ignore and focus on your mission
    • When we accept the situation and focus on positive we feel contented and guided to deal with the situation
    • Just as we get serious about the exams when its time is near and prepare more, we are informed of the Day of Judgment to prepare for it more consciously
    • I have felt it when we are angry and overwhelmed by emotions, start reciting Quran. It helps to control our emotions and to get better
    • Allahumma ajalna minat-tawwabeen. Ameen!


  3. Shireen Almas
    • (7:98) The person who is fearful of Allah swt will be careful while a person who feels secure in his world will neither introspect nor repent


  4. Akeela Altaf
    • Waiting period is important. If we do not wait, we can do more damage than good
    • Waiting can be difficult so seeking help through Salaah and remembrance of Allah swt is important


  5. Nuzhat
    • (7:128) Put Allah first and you will never be last
    • (7:129-7:136; 7:155) Life is a combination of episodes of different trials. We are deluded by thinking that we would be at peace in the absence of current trials. Trials are meant to be there anyway so choose your battlefield wisely


  6. Askhia Yunus
    • (7: 142) Isolate yourself at least for sometime on a daily basis with Qur’an to be able to understand it properly
    • (7:147) Arrogance and shyness deprives a person of guidance…
    • ( 8:21) Only listening to Quran is not enough to bring about a change
    • (8:23 Prophet (saw) cursed those who only listened and not acted upon the Quran


  7. Shireen Javali & Maryam
    • To learn the Book of Allah and let it sink in, we must isolate ourselves away from all distractions
    • We should use the most beautiful names of Allah in our du’as and praise Him by them


  8. Malika (student, Taleem Al Quran)
    • Dhikr is the best way to give tranquility to our hearts
    • Just reciting HIS beautiful names brings so much joy and happiness


  9. Azra Shaikh & Anam
    • Allah swt is our Maula (Protector). Obey Him, remember Him, return to Him, seek from Him, fall in prostration in front of Him, rely on Him, be connected to Him, ask Him, tell Him… SubhanAllah!


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