8 thoughts on “Juz 15 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (17:2) Allah is our Wakeel . He fulfills our needs so call upon him with His names
    • (17:3) Abdan shakoora- person who works very hard, put his utmost in thanking Allah swt.
    • (17:90 Qur’an is our guide. Hold on to it, our lives will be transformed with it. May we be among The Ahlul qur’aan
    • (17:14) Our body will come as a witness on the Day of judgment so we have to be careful of our actions. All deeds have an outcome
    • (17:19) only wising without any effort is delusional
    • No pain no gain so we need to exert ourselves to our max to gain Allah’s pleasure
    • (17:20) Allah swt has lot to offer so we need to ask Him of his bounty
    • (17:21) Those who work hard reach great heights. There are 100 levels of Jannah. We need to ask for the top most level , Jannat-al-Firdaus.
    • Birr al walidain is next to salaah according To the predecessors. We need to take utmost care of them and gain Jannah
    • A mother is more entitled for better treatment than father
    • (17:26) Don’t scatter money. Spend it wisely. Latus allunna annin nayeem. We will be asked about what we are blessed with. Let not our concern be only for dunya
    • (17:31) Do not kill or abort children for fear of poverty
    • (17:34) keep our words
    • (17:36) Do not say that which we you are not aware of
    • (17:37) Walk with humility and not arrogantly. Be content with whatever Allah has blessed you with
    • (17:53) Watch what we speak. Words once spoken cannot be taken back.
    • (17:54) Prophet (saw) is not our manager. He (saw)is our teacher
    • (17:69) How can we feel secure when we do bad. Our bank balances make us feel secure. It is just a matter of a scam. all money flies away
    • (17:74) We all are dependent on Allah swt for everything. Even Prophet (saw) would have slipped without Allah’s guidance
    • (17:78) Qur’an at fajr is witnessed. recite long Surah in salaah and post salaah
    • (17:82) Qur’an is Shifa . Seek healing through it
    • (18:10) If there is danger for our eemaan, migrate to a safer place to find safety. It applies even in our jobs
    • (18:22) Don’t speculate others. Better mind our own business. Don’t argue, focus on what is necessary
    • (17:46) Wealth and children are temporary yet our life revolves around them. May we focus on that which is qayam(everlasting)
    • (18:49) Every little thing is being recorded yet we are so heedless.


  2. Malika
    • May Allah Azzawajal make us of those who hold fast to HIS Rope and make it an integral part of our lives


  3. Shireen Almas
    • Patience ,hard work and being hopeful are all included in Abdun shakoora
    • Iblees criticized Allah swt decision. He thought he knew better. ALL COMMAANDS OF ALLAH SWT ARE BASED ON HIS HIKMAH
    • (17:93) As a Da’ee we don’t have to respond or refute all arguments or comply to all demands. Our duty is to convey for guidance of people is only with Allah swt …..Don’t seek glory from people
    • (18:10)Help of Allah swt came to the youth of cave when they took the first step, asked Allah’s guidance and sought for halaal food …


  4. Azra Shaikh
    • Quran guides.It’s the most correct. It is Iqwamu. It guides a person to the best of options subhanAllah!


  5. Irfana
    • If a good deed is performed, it is reverted to us. If an evil deed is performed, it is also reverted to us
    • We must learn to hold with patience and belief for the trait of a believer is to trust and have faith in Allah swt and in the Quran


  6. Ramlath Beary
    • Only wishing for the reward of the Hereafter without putting in any effort is merely a wish
    • Always be respectful to your parents and if you slip, then seek forgiveness from Allah swt
    • Good speech saves a person from potential problems and brings about reward from Allah swt.
    • Tasbeeh is the best speech you can make


  7. Sadikha
    • when we are in hardship we call upon Allah swt every moment and every second but when we are in happiness we find it difficult to get back to Allah


  8. Askhia Yunus
    • (18:63) dedicate to knowledge all of yourself, you will be able to take some of it.


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