10 thoughts on “Juz 16 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Malika
    • (18:98) Dhul Qarnain gave complete credit to Allah Azzawajal. It was not done for any personal glory! a great lesson for us whenever we do a good deed


  2. Roshan khan
    • (18:76) We can set conditions in teaching and seeking knowledge
    • Patience is needed for teaching, learning. It is not possible to seek knowledge with complaints. We ask Allah swt to bless us with beneficial knowledge
    • Allah sends a loss of a smaller degree to save us from a bigger loss. Allah swt plans in favour of believer. We are constantly hasty and do not see the wisdom behind Allah’s decisions
    • (18:81) Learn to accept the Qadar of Allah.
    • (18:83) The people were greedy and not helpful to Musa(as) and khidr yet khidr was kind and built the wall by the will of Allah swt. We too should be merciful with those who have no regards to us for Allah’s sake. we should safeguard them.
    • (18:82) Righteous parents are a source of blessing to their children and vice versa
    • (18:82) Allah swt is the real guardian and protector so rely on Him Instead of relying on people and worldly wealth.
    • (19:4) Make dua with Husne zann (good assumption about Allah)
    • (18:96) Dhul Qarnain used his wealth for Allah’s sake. He used all his resources wisely benefiting people where ever he went. He did not stop after one good deed. SubhaanAllah, Allah opens the door to another good deed
    • (19:25) We should take the first step. Maryam a.s. was asked to shake the palm tree even in her labour pains. No pain no gain. we have to put in our effort first
    • (19:40) Do Dhikr all the times
    • (19:49) Focus on what Allah swt has blessed us with than grumbling over what Allah swt has withheld
    • (19:53) Obligatory and voluntary deeds bring us closer to Allah swt
    • (19:68) Rebellious ones will be sent to the hell fire 🔥 first
    • (19:71) The path of Jannah goes over hell fire. May we pass over this path in a blink of an eye
    • (20:7) Call upon Allah swt with His beautiful names
    • (20:41) Musa (as) was chosen by Allah. May we also be chosen by Allah swt
    • (20:42) Allah swt blesses the speech in which there is gentleness


  3. Ramlath Beary
    • Patience is a condition for acquiring knowledge
    • Accept the decree of Allah swt.There is a wisdom behind His decrees
    • The piety of parents certainly benefits the children
    • Even in times of great hardships and difficulties, we have to put in effort and do what is in our capacity then Allah’s help will surely come
    • Respond to an angry person with gentleness. Gentleness brings endless benefits
    • Focus on what Allah swt has given you and not on what He has taken away from you
    • Do not abandon Quran lest you be rendered blind on the Day OfJudgment
    • We should be prompt and not hasty. Hastiness is unhealthy


  4. Maryam Aishah
    • Sometimes, through smaller damages, Allah saves us from much bigger damages so we should remind ourselves to accept the decree of Allah swt and not criticise it
    • Do what is in your capacity and Allah swt will help you the rest of the way
    • Even while preaching to people who do not believe in Allah swt, we cannot be harsh or be rude in speech


  5. Rumana
    • Allah (swt) is the real guardian of our children, so parents should increase in their righteousness. Piety of parents certainly protect their children
    • Through the loss of lesser degree, Allah(swt) saves us from loss of greater degree
    • When something is taken away, Allah(swt) replaces it with what is better than it
    • Don’t respond to angry person with anger but respond with gentleness, like Haroon(as) responded angry Musa(as)


  6. Sumaiya Farheen
    • (18:82) Preserve our Children’s future by investing today in piety
    • When something is taken away, it is backed up with better – Trust Allah swt with Sabr. Be pleased with the Decree of Allah swt
    • Allah swt is the master of the Day of Judgment. No intercession without his permission


  7. Askhia Yunus
    • (18:82) Give sadaqah when your children disobey you
    • (19:4) Remember previous answered duas. Thank Allah swt for it and have hope that Allah will give better InshaaAllah
    • (20:114) MAKE DUA FOR INCREASE IN KNOWLEDGE as this was told to prophet (saw) by Allah swt Himself.
    • (20:76) Cleanse yourself constantly by repenting because best of sinners are those who repent


    • (20:21) Allah swt chose Musa a.s. His life was predestined. His trials were to prepare him for a higher goal and its the same for all of Allah swt righteous slaves


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