10 thoughts on “Juz 20 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (27:68) We have to be concerned about preparing for the last day than wasting time in knowing things that only benefit in the dunya
    • (27:70) Do not grieve or despair. Try to find a positive twist to the happenings. Focus on expressions. Do dua and make lots of dhikr as with dhikr we will find solace
    • (27:60) Allah is the only creator. Nothing came into existence by its own but Allah swt created it with a purpose
    • (27:80) SubhaanAllah a fitting reply to people who say that prophet(saw) is a saviour and say “beda paar karega, kambliwala”
    • (27:92) We should not move on with the Qur’an but move with the Qur’an
    • (28:6) Allah swt can use anyone to accomplish a matter. Sadly we think that only I can do this thing.Efforts are accepted by Allah swt only when done in accordance to him. Alhamdulillah Aasiya r.a. could convince a tyrant man like Fira’un to keep Musa (as) SubhaanAllah Allah kept his promise and returned Musa to his mother
    • (28:13) When Allah swt closes one door, he opens other doors
    • (28:25) Haya and eemaan go hand in hand. If one leaves, the other too leaves.
    • Strength and trustworthiness are a rare combination. Musa(as) was blessed with both of them
    • (28:27) In a marriage ,we need to compliment one another. we need to live life with co existence
    • (28:50) Abdullah bin salaam and warqa bin naufal were from people of the books but they recognised and believed in our Prophet ( saw)
    • (28:50) Allah swt will give double rewards to those who endure with patience
    • (28:68) Use the blessings given by Allah swt to gain Jannah.
    • (28:69) Allah swt knows everything so ask only him for your needs. Do istikharah
    • (28:76) Be grateful of what Allah swt has blessed you with and do not boast about it.Use Allah’s blessings lawfully as legislated by Him
    • (28:77) Be a role model for kids.Never ever be proud of the abilities that Allah swt has given. We wll be questioned about it
    • (29:8) Obey parents but if they want you to associate anything to Allah then do not obey them
    • (29:5) Death is closer than our shoe lace so we need to prepare for it.


  2. Maryam & Shireen Javali
    • Even if the whole world gathered together to harm you, if Allah willed otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to


  3. Sabeha
    • We must be in continual conversation with Allah ta’la, seeking and sharing the concerns. Allah ta’la is Always All Hearing


  4. Ramlath Beary
    • Allah swt does not close a door of wisdom except that He opens 2 doors of Mercy
    • Make time for Ibaadah. Be a role model for your children


  5. Thaliya Badar
    • (28:15) For forgiveness to be accepted, do taubah immediately
    • (28:17) Made a mistake? then learn from it


  6. Askhia Yunus
    • (28:77) Let not the blessings of this dunya (wealth, family etc.) distract you from earning your Aakhirah rather use dunya to earn your Aakhirah
    • (28:44) Give preference to Allah swt over everything else because nothing or no one is reliable


  7. Shireen Almas
    • (28:55) Do not respond to useless arguments for your words will also become useless so learn to ignore
    • (28:79-80) May Allah swt make us ullul ilm (possessor of knowledge) and not be like the ignorant who are impressed by the glitter of the worldly people


  8. Amina Shah
    • Don’t let power and wealth blind you from the truth, like Pharoh and Qaroon. Use your resources to earn a good Aakhirah!
    Maseerah Zaka
    • A person is tested based on his level of faith


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