7 thoughts on “Juz 28 Student Reflections & Duas

  1. Roshan khan
    • (58:1) Complain only to Allah swt because He is the only one who can remove you from the situation. Converse only with Allah swt
    • Your words also have consequences so beware before you speak.
    • (58:6) We forget what we say, what we do but Allah never forgets
    • Everything is recorded in our book of deeds if only we consciously believe in it.
    • Allah swt knows everything. He is As-Samee’ (All Hearing). No conversation is personal. Allah is the other one next to us.we should not belittle any deed.
    • Whispering is disliked. if we want to whisper we have to take permission first so better abstain from it.
    • (58:9) We should not converse that which will not please Allah swt. We are careful about what we speak in public but careless about what we speak in private so be careful
    • (58:11) Give space to people in masjid, class too we reserve our favourite place. That’s not right. Also have space in relationships either it’s our spouse, daughter, daughter in law, sons, sisters. etc. Everyone needs space
    • If we asked to move or get up we should. Saying is easy but literally applying is really hard. For Allah’s sake we should.
    • Real dignity is with faith. Dignity doesn’t come with richness
    • (58:22) Ghaflah is heedlessness. It is from shaitaan
    • (58:22) Allah swt is pleased with those who seek His pleasure. some people are not worthy of our friendship yet we go out of our way to please them. we can never make everyone happy 100%
    • (59:7) Wealth should be circulated in society as blood is circulated in our body. SubhaanAllah! Allah wants us to give zakat and sadaqah so that money is circulated.
    • Hadith should not be belittled. Prophet (saw) never said anything of his own.It was Allah’s orders.We have to follow the sunnah as much as we can
    • (59:10) Pray for yourselves and also for the ummah. it is a prophetic action


  2. Ramlath Beary
    • Create ease for others, Allah will create ease for you
    • Allah swt is pleased with those whose concern is to please Him
    • We need to reflect over our actions. What is that I am sending forward for my Aakhirah??
    • The bearers of the Quran are those who act upon it
    • Make Friday a special day. It is a day of forgiveness and duas
    • Do not give preference to worldly needs over worship
    • Do not delay charity till death approaches us


  3. Azra Shaikh
    • The more we learn about Allah and His messenger(saw ) from Quran and Ahadith, the more there is increase in love for them. The rules, the saying. May Allah swt help us on sami’na wa ata’na…..


    • Take your grievances only to Allah swt. He has solutions to all your problems. Seek justice by turning towards Allah swt
    • (58:1) Be considerate and make space for others. Do not take it personally. Allah swt will make space for you in heart, in grave ,in life and in hereafter.
    • Don’t get offended. Real dignity is with faith and knowledge so act upon knowledge and behave like true believers.
    • Sensible people can have differences but they are not divided. There is no help from Allah swt for those who are divided


  5. Askhia Yunus
    • (62:5) Ibn Qayyim Rahim Ullah said, ‘Bearer of Quran are ones who act upon it even if they have not memorized it”
    • (61:2) Practice what you preach if not remember the punishment is severe
    • Let not your love for your spouse and children deviate you from Allah…Forgive them again and again and again


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